Let’s talk about changes, not about life in general, about our own changes.

I’ve been in a very pessimistic mood since one year ago, when I finished my degree and I found myself without any clear idea of which was the next step in my life. I drowned myself in a sea of doubts and regrets for so many things in the past. A heavy spiral that moved me to do things that I really didn’t wanted to do, to please people I didn’t wanted to please and forced myself to hurry up to find the correct answer and solution to all of that.

I’ve never considered myself a fighter. I’m weak and an specialist of seeing everything pass in front of my eyes and letting it go. Well, I was, until now. I’m writing to you after days of crying because of the fatigue, stressful moments that over passed me, questions without clear answers… I’m here today because my puzzle’s pieces seem to fit.

I used to make a move thinking what kind of repercussion will have in the future, just because I was so worried about where I was going to be in the next few years, without realising that life only exists now. So maybe you have to stop trying to change the future and try to build a present that makes you happy. And everything will follow its course.

At the beginning it will seem impossible, but the true is that every small move you make to improve is important. And suddenly, someday you will realise that everything has changed. 


How can you start?

Stop asking yourself what’s the correct answer, and try to listen what your heart and mind need. You must prioritise what is important to you.

Don’t be afraid to fail, if you don’t try what you don’t like, you won’t know what you really love. And you know, every failure it’s a free lesson, so be open to it.

Stop waiting. If you want something, do it. Don’t wait until it’s too late or you feel ready for it. Just go! Don’t waste your time. 

Don’t forget to be grateful for everything. From your family, your friends, your house… To your hands, your eyes, your feet. Everything could be worse and you don’t have any idea of how lucky you are.

Take it with calm. Some changes are difficult and guess what? Our generation is likely to reach 100 years. You’ve time enough, haven’t you? The thing is to be in constant movement, to make every day count. 

One year ago, I had no job, no motivation, nothing to fight for. I was worried all the time.

Today I’ve been working as a graphic designer for almost half a year, I’ve visited four different countries in the last five months, I’ve loved my couple with my whole heart, I’ve laughed so hard between beers and friends, I felt connected with my family, heard the nature’s call again and discovered what photography means to me.

Today I’m still growing up, learning how to face changes and how to love myself. And I’m feeling grateful for being capable to talk about it with you.

See you so soon with new adventures, personal projects, blogs, films and love!

Thank you so much for reading.