Paris in One Minute

As some of you may know, I’m 21 and months ago I’d never been in Paris. Such a shame considering that I live in Spain, but believe me: The wait was worth it! 


Everything started at Girona’s Airport, with zero nerves and so many clouds in the sky. Next destination: Paris Beauvais-Tillé Airport

An hour later we arrived to our new neighbourhood and to Hotel Maubeuge. Funny facts about our lovely hotel: 

  1.  The lift didn’t stopped at the third floor. Our room was at the third floor.
  2.  My boyfriend didn’t fit in the bathroom.
  3.  We had a balcony with beautiful views. To a noisy street. Next to a hospital.

But we laugh as much as we could about it. 

Our plans for the afternoon were to visit Le Sacré-Coeur and the Moulin Rouge… And we failed at the first attempt. I didn’t know how we read the map, but we get lost after walking for ten minutes. Fortunately, a foreign helped us to find ourselves! 

First stop: Le Sacré-Coeur, as we caught the last hour of sunlight.

Another wrong decision: take the steps to arrive to the basilica. They were more than 240 (notice that I never do sport). Even though, it was fun! Up there was so crowded, and there was good music! 

Second stop: Le Moulin Rouge and its red lights.
I considered buying tickets and surprise Oriol with them, but it was so expensive for our small pockets. So… Someday! By the way, we liked seeing the windmill spinning around and some people having fun at the streets. 


We tried getting up early and went to buy our breakfast before getting lost (again) trying to find Rue La Fayette and the subway. We discovered an old church and a nice local market, so after all, sometimes is better to ignore the map or misunderstand an street name.

We bought an unlimited subway ticket so we wanted to use it as much as we could! Let’s see what we achieved to see in one day… 

We had lunch at a park next to the old church Saint Germain l’Auxerrois before going to the Louvre.
It was Sunday, what meant that the entry was free, what also meant that we’d to stay in a large queue for half an hour. But the wait was worth it! I couldn’t imagine how big, how bright and how beautiful the museum will be. Oh, and we also got lost even though we bought a virtual guide. But this time it was not my fault, I think.

We showed up at Le Marché aux Fleurs et aux Oiseaux, an small market full of little animals and flowers, almost by accident. We walked next to the Seine and the seagulls. There were plenty of them and flew closer than we thought, pretty fun!

We visited Notre Dame for a few minutes, or even seconds, and discovered the small streets of the Quartier Latin, a pitty we couldn’t stay more longer.

And finally… Crêpes at AuP’tit Grec! An Oriol’s friend suggested us to go, and after waiting for 45 minutes, order our two cheese crepes and taste it, we understood why. You can’t imagine how good they were, but you can judge by yourself seeing the pictures!
With our bellies full we came back to the hotel and rest! 


It started raining, what didn’t bother us because we love rain! So it was pretty cold and fun. 

First stop: Galeries Lafayette, a huge shopping mall with an absolutely amazing rooftop views! Also saw Le Palais Garner, as it was in our way to… 

Second stop: L’Obélisque de Louxor, quite impressive to see!

After walking trough so many parks and streets, we found a cute vietnamese restaurant to eat. Funny fact? The waiter didn’t told us that the sauce was spicy, you can image our faces! 

We came back to the rain and the hugs under the umbrella to see le Jardin des Tuileries, full of puddles and autumn’s leafs. After making a pit stop at Marks & Spencer, we headed up to l’Arc de Triomphe while the kind drivers wetted us speeding up with their cars. But again, we laughed so much!

The last stop of the day couldn’t be other one that la Tour Eiffel
At first, I blame the weather for being that bad, but as the time went by I realised that the tower even looked better with the fog, you just have to see the photographs! (Going to the top of the tower is a must, don’t hesitate it!).


I can sum it up in few words: food, long walks, souvenirs, photo booth and Paris from the plane.

Honestly I have to say that Paris was beautiful, but it wouldn’t have been the same without him. Find an awesome journey partner and it won’t matter where you travel, the trip would be exciting for itself! 

I hope you enjoyed the post, and if you’ve come this far without getting bored, you have a prize! Enjoy our short film from the journey, it’s just one minute!