Welcome to you all

This wasn’t supposed to be the first post of my blog but, as I’m excited, I’ve to tell you about it. Probably, not so many will care or be interested in it, but I promise that the next one will be much fun! So here I go…

Four years ago, my degree started, what was supposed to be the best thing in my life (professionally) and allowed me to explore more of my artistic self. But it was not. I felt myself in a cage for four years, dealing with subjects that I didn’t like nor allowed me to express myself. Probably it was my fault, for having a different thought about what would be the degree. Or a lack of motivation, who knows. I stopped taking photos, creating, and what it’s worst, feeling the passion through my veins. This next to the thought that every decision that I made was a mistake. 

The point is that after all this time, today I felt that all those feelings were fading away, I felt myself capable of taking photographs and enjoy the process. I feel strong, I feel passionated again.

I’ve been inside of a nightmare for so long, seeing the light that was inside of me fighting against the darkness. 

I’ve been so much time refusing to face the truth, refusing to accept what was happening with my life. But finally I saw the cage, and I stood up and decided to escape from it.

In a way, this is the start of a fresh beginning, or at least I hope so. 

Welcome to my blog and see you soon!