23 | A year to be proud

My 23 have been good and challenging. There has been a lot of changes and it hasn't been always easy to face them. But hey, we are here for the good things, aren't we? So let's count how many things I can be proud of this year:

1. Self-love, self-consciousness and self-respect.
I am talking about using natural products for my health, eating better, loving myself as I am, taking myself a break whenever I needed it, listening to my body and being aware of its needs, taking it easy because everything happens when it has to happen, be true to myself and others.

2. Defining my priorities and what is really important and not.
I have a wonderful family that loves me as I am, a supportive couple and our little nest and friends that have been there for years. And those are my priorities: take care of my family, make my couple endlessly happy and to have fun with friends until the last days. The rest may not be that important to me anymore.


3. Explore and feed my heart and eyes with new experiences.
Hallstatt's wonderland in winter, snowstorms at the Pyrenees, Romania and Dracula's castle, sleeping in an igloo, the Netherlands and its windmills, road trip through France and even bungee jumping for the first time. 

4. Expose my photography and start to believe in my capacities.
This turned out to my first exhibition at Photogenic Festival, and I can't be more excited about it. It felt like a dream. Also interviews, a new Instagram account and a 52 weeks' project. The will to start over.


5. Being generous and conscious. 
I tried to donate money every time I could: to hospitals, organizations for cancer research, refugees... Even to the musicians at the subway. I also started to use eco-friendly products and reduce my ecological footprint. I read somewhere that it's better a small gesture than a bag full of intentions. So you know, every small gesture counts.

Last year, when I turned 23, I proposed myself to become a better person, and step by step I am achieving it, even I still have so much to learn. For my 24th year in this world, my one and only purpose is to take care of myself, of my mental and physical health, just to become the best version of me.