Railtrip through Italy: Milano

20/08/2017: MILANO

Our journey was coming to an end with the last city we were going to visit: Milan. We spent the morning in Venice, due we got the tickets for the first hour of the afternoon, thinking that we would like to stay more time in Venice. But the scorching heat and the fatigue made us desire to take the train earlier.

To arrive to Milan in fact we had to take two trains, due it was cheaper to travel from the other Venice's train station: Venezia Porto Marghera.

Milan welcomed us with a grey sky and raining, something we were glad for after a hot week. We arrived at Stazione di Milano Centrale and we headed to the hotel that it was in the next corner, and decided that this afternoon we were going to visit a little the city to see what we will do the following day, the last one in Italian lands.

After the colorful Venice, walking by Milan was like turning back to Barcelona, in the good and the bad sense. Perhaps it was because of the weather and the empty streets, but it was not what we expected. As it was raining, we decided to make a quick recognition of the city, grab something to dinner and rest on our comfy beds.

20/08/2017: MILANO

We woke so early for our last morning buffet (I'm not going to lie, is the best part of travelling) and started to walk by a sunny Milano, quite different from the day before.  

Before going to Milan's cathedral, we stopped by Il quadrilatero della moda and all its expensive boutiques. Then we were on a lift ready to see the details of Il Duomo terrace. It was impressive to see closer how detailed the sculptures were, and they were plenty of them! 

We spent the whole morning inside of the cathedral, discovering every corner and also its museum (the entrance was free with the ticket we bought) with tones of history and sculptures.

I remember the afternoon walking without knowing where we were going and wishing to be sit on the plane going back home after one week going from one place to another. So I can't tell you so much more about this last day.

Italy surprised me for the best. After seeing countless times on television the Colosseum, the Venice's canals, the Duomo... I thought I was not going to be so surprise to stand in front of them, but there's nothing as seeing things with your own eyes. The food, the colours, the dimensions of everything. In general terms, the four cities were so beautiful and worth-seeing, with art in every corner, and thanks to that I developed a huge love for sculptures. Also for Italian gelato!