Railtrip through Italy: Rome.


15/08/2016: ROMA.

We started our journey at Barcelona's airport with just a big backpack, ready for what it will be such a quite flight with the sun raising up.

The hotel for our two days in Rome was placed in a huge commercial street, where buildings reminded me of Paris; and the first touristic stop (without knowing it) was going to be La Piazza delle Quattro Fontane, a small and singular square with four fountains, as you might have imagined. I recommend seeing it at night, as they're lightened and the street is empty.

Walking and walking, we appeared at the Piazza del Quirinale, with La Fontana dei Dioscuri and the Basilica di San Pietro's dome appearing among all the tiny buildings. The center were all narrow streets with brown and pastel tones that stole my heart. As Fontana di Trevi did. You can't imagine our faces when we saw the fountain rising in front of us. ENORMOUS was the word. And CROWDED also. I still remember the stone's pure white and the turquoise water full of coins. 


Before starting the trip, we read about what to see in Rome, and in Italy in general, and what caught my attention the most was that at 12p.m. a ray of light crossed Il Pantheon, an I totally forgot it as soon as we arrive to Rome. However, destiny brought us there at the perfect time. 
After 15 minutes of queue, we entered as the light did. The impressive architecture, and probably the excess of incense, made it a magical moment, especially for the lovers of the light. You can't leave Rome without witness this free spectacle. 

By that time we were tired and thirsty so it was time for our first Italian pizza. YES. 

Quick walk to Ponte Sant'Angelo and its beautiful sculptures, plus ready to enter the Basilica di San Pietro at the Vatican City. But first... Cover your shoulders, ladies!

I actually do not remember so much about the Basilica, because I was obsessed capturing the beams of light that illuminated the tourists, but it was huge, as all the architecture in this country. We also decide to visit the dome (paying, of course). More than 300 steps and a dizzy feeling that accompanied us. It was quite funny to find even a shop and bar up there, waiting for the thirsty tourists. The sights of the square were great and perfect for the "typical" photograph, I guess.

We recovered our selves at Piazza Navona with a delicious ice cream from Tre Scalini: cream, mango and pineapple. To good to be true! Then we visited a few historical monuments before going to the hotel to rest until the sun went down.


Sunset was especially beautiful in the city with pastel tones everywhere: the buildings, the sky... La Piazza di Spagna under maintenance to begin our walk and La Fontana di Trevi to finish it. By night, the last one was a little less crowded and we finally got the chance to thrown the coin to come back again to Rome. 


16/08/2016: ROMA.

Early in the morning, we walked by the empty streets ready to see the Il Colosseo and Il Foro Romano.  Even though the first one should be the most impressive one, the Roman forum was more memorable as you could be able to feel like in real ancient Rome. What I liked the most, was La Casa delle Vestali, where the statues of the supreme priestesses of the order were placed. The heat was also memorable. 

This plan took half of our day, and our feet begged us to rest. We discovered Trastevere for a while and then... Shopping afternoon + early dinner in a beautiful restaurant. And of course, our last ice cream in Rome.

I dare to say that no one can feel indifferent visiting Rome. And yes, it is possible to visit almost everything, but prepare yourself to walk like you have never done before.