52 weeks: January

1/52: Little Lights

"We're born with millions of little lights shining in the dark
And they show us the way.
One lights up
Every time you feel love in your heart,
One dies when it moves away."

All The Little Lights - Passenger


2/52: He treats me well

"Well she's alright when everyone is wrong
Well she's alright, lets me waste another song
Stumble through the years
I'll make it heaven, I'll make it hell
One day to the next and now that serves me very well
Now I've got a woman at home, she treats me well"

She Treats Me Well - Ben Howard


3/52: I can't.

This week I can't with anything and that's okay too.


4/52: Haven.

Ha•ven /ˈheɪvən/
A place of shelter and safety; refuge.