Stories to tell our children (vol. 2)

This journey started in Andorra with a motorbike a little bit different from ours... A snowmobile!


Driving it was quite different (as a co-pilot too). We couldn't distract ourselves a bit, every time I tried to take a picture, the bike almost fell down due to the imbalance. We spent two hours dodging trees and moving from one side to another. 

We passed the afternoon playing with the snow and watching the sunset before the biggest surprise: staying the night in an igloo!

The adventure started with a glass of champagne while we waited for the rest of the group for climbing up the mountain with the snowcat (more than 2.000m!). We were so excited about it!

It was early for dinner, so before that, we did a tour with snow rackets to warm up. You have no idea of how tiring was to walk with all the bike clothes at 2.500m height. We couldn't breathe at all! Despite this, it was one of the best experience we had. Walking by the mountain, with the day finishing and the stars raising, everything in complete silence. Magical.

A delicious and typical Catalan meal was waiting for us at the most beautiful and icy restaurant. We enjoy such a different meal with gloves, blankets and frozen noses. All the walls were decorated with ice drawings and it turns out that every year they're different, as every year they have to rebuild the hotel and restaurant again.

But this was not all... We have to do something else: go to the spa.

Yes!! At the hotel, there was also a sauna and a jacuzzi for us (there was no one else staying at the hotel that night). So imagine ourselves in a jacuzzi with warm water staring at the stars. Priceless.
After a long night, we submerged our bodies in a hot sack on top of our ice bed. It was not cold as we thought, even we barely felt our faces.

Next morning, the sun welcomed us to go down the mountain and eat a delicious breakfast before going back to reality.