Stories to tell our children (vol. 2)

This journey started in Andorra with a motorbike a little bit different from ours... A snowmobile!


Driving it was quite different (as a co-pilot too). We couldn't distract ourselves a bit, every time I tried to take a picture, the bike almost fell down due to the imbalance. We spent two hours dodging trees and moving from one side to another. 

We passed the afternoon playing with the snow and watching the sunset before the biggest surprise: staying the night in an igloo!

The adventure started with a glass of champagne while we waited for the rest of the group for climbing up the mountain with the snowcat (more than 2.000m!). We were so excited about it!

It was early for dinner, so before that, we did a tour with snow rackets to warm up. You have no idea of how tiring was to walk with all the bike clothes at 2.500m height. We couldn't breathe at all! Despite this, it was one of the best experience we had. Walking by the mountain, with the day finishing and the stars raising, everything in complete silence. Magical.

A delicious and typical Catalan meal was waiting for us at the most beautiful and icy restaurant. We enjoy such a different meal with gloves, blankets and frozen noses. All the walls were decorated with ice drawings and it turns out that every year they're different, as every year they have to rebuild the hotel and restaurant again.

But this was not all... We have to do something else: go to the spa.

Yes!! At the hotel, there was also a sauna and a jacuzzi for us (there was no one else staying at the hotel that night). So imagine ourselves in a jacuzzi with warm water staring at the stars. Priceless.
After a long night, we submerged our bodies in a hot sack on top of our ice bed. It was not cold as we thought, even we barely felt our faces.

Next morning, the sun welcomed us to go down the mountain and eat a delicious breakfast before going back to reality.



We made it to Hallstatt!

Everything began taking two planes and a rental car in Salzburg's airport. The weather was cloudy and as we got closer to our destination it started to snow. Unknown roads and an hour later, we arrived at a remote and magical place from Austria: Hallstatt

By the time we parked, it was already dark and we were in a hurry to find a place to dinner (remember everything close at 7 p.m. on Europe's north). We were so nervous to be there after the whole journey, it was pretty cold and the sidewalk was slippery. 

Fast check-in in the best pension ever: the Pension Hallberg. We had such a kind host and the perfect room with kitchen and beautiful views we will discover next day. The pension happened to be also an antiquarian, with a lot of treasures found in the lake as bombs and medals from the Second World War. Such a fascinating place to stay in this amazing location.

After walking through the dark village, we found a cosy and friendly bar where we had a super delicious dinner (and surprisingly at a good price!): Cannelloni with tones of cheese!

After all, we couldn't believe we made it through there. 


Our day in Hallstatt 

I was in bed like a kid in Christmas' time waiting for the presents. I was so impatient to discover the village that I woke up earlier than my bedmate, jumped off the bed and ran to the windows to see the views. Now you'll understand why...

You can imagine my face after seeing them. I ran to wake up Oriol and share the emotion, even though he will kill me later, but it worth it.

It was like being in wonderland, literally. With all the small and colourful houses, the lake with the swans, the huge mountains covered with snow and the fog covering everything from above. Still can't forget this feeling. 

Our first mission of the day was to climb to the top of Hallstatt's mountain where a viewpoint was placed. The hotel's owner told us that there was a funicular but it was closed on winter, so we decided to try our luck and walk up.

The hike was hard, we're not going to lie. When we left the hotel it started to snow the just amount to be happy with it, but when we were halfway to the top it started to snow so heavily it was difficult to see the path, well, in fact, there was no path because the fences were buried under the snow. And your first thought will be: how cold! But in fact, it wasn't! The climb was so steep and it was so tired to walk by the snow that we got warm so fast and started to pull over clothes in order to fresh up.

The scenery was captivating, even though sometimes we feared for our lives. 

As we arrived at the top almost crawling (literally), we heard voices. There was a Chinese girl, with her beautiful heals and skirt talking to his boyfriend. "It's impossible she made it through here dressed that way", we thought. So I asked her and we were right, cause she took the funicular that apparently was open. Twelve points for us! But we won't change at all the walk we did, one of the most, let's say refreshing, experiences of our lives.

Up there, there was a restaurant in front of the viewpoint and a beautiful forest covered with snow. Sometimes, the fog went so high that covered everything around us. 

And it was time to descend, this time with the funicular, that it happened to be all for us, crossing the woods and the fog, quite a cinematic experience by the way.

Before embarking on the second adventure of the day, we looked for a supermarket to buy food as we had a kitchen in our room and not so many money in our pockets. And it was a quite hard actually! Almost everything was closed on weekends, but in the end, we found a tiny market camouflaged as a cafe.

Instant noodles, our saviours in many travels, and those views in a warm room. Can you imagine a better plan?

Next time for the second mission: find the Wasserfall.

We went to explore Obertraun, the village nearby, where there were ice caves (but it was closed in winter) and another viewpoint (extremely expensive, in our opinion) so we returned to Hallstatt and left the car closeby Eulenloch, ready to investigate the place.

We started walking following the signs and trying to not fall down as all the steps were covered with ice.

As we moved forward, also the fog did and started to blur everything around us, leaving us also almost without light. The signs were not accurate with the time we had left to arrive at the waterfall as we were slower due the weather conditions, so we decided it was not wise to continue with the walk. 

We rode to our parking (the cars were not allowed inside the village) and ended up in our room eating warm alphabet soup before we did our last night walk in Hallstatt. 

Last day of our adventure 

We took back the walk by morning, taking the last pictures and visiting the Catholic Church (such as beautiful as all the northern churches). And for breakfast? We bought a warm and big kebab next to the church and it barely lasted 5 minutes in our hands!

By the time we were living Hallstatt the day started to open up, and it was the first time we saw the sun during these long weekend. Something we didn't mind at all, as there's nothing as seeing this place covered in snow, don't you think?

Finally, we rode to the airport to finish the Austrian adventure, leaving a piece of our hearts there.