36 hours in Ireland

And how not die trying it!

Our flight from Barcelona took off at 21.30h of a friday’s evening, and we were already sleepy. Two hours and a half later and a long security control, we step into Irish floor

After a short ride with the bus and our good orientation, we arrived to our cute hostel in Dublin: My Place Dublin. We shared room with other 13 persons and when we arrived there they were already sleeping. So we left all the backpacks and went to find a good pub!

We walked for a little long until a nice man told us where to go for grabbing a drink. And we didn’t get lost! Temple Bar was crowded and with good live music pubs, it was even hard to decide where to go! And we picked the last one of the street: The Norseman. Three blond beers, a guy playing the guitar and friendly people. That’s all you need for a perfect night in Dublin

After 4 hours of sleep, Cristina kicked us out of the bed and we prepared ourselves for going to Connolly Station to take the first train to… Howth!

The weather was fine, a little bit chilly and windy, but surprisingly there was no rain. As we had all the morning free, we decided to walk along the cliffs until the lighthouse. 

Everything was so calm. There was nothing else than the breathtaking nature and us talking about our things, resting on the green (and comfy) fields and following little birds. We ended up full of mud and eating fish and chips from Beshoff Bros by the dock. Quite an Irish morning, isn’t it?

On our way back to Dublin, trying not falling sleep, we decided to pay a visit to the Trinity College Library, which appears at Harry Potter films, and The Book of Kells, a book written early in the 9th century.

I must say that even though the library was quite impressive, I’m not quite sure if I would recommend it. We found it a little bit expensive and half of the library was closed so it was quite disappointing. But it was a nice and warm place to rest for a while! Despite of it, the campus surroundings were impressive, quite different from Barcelona ones.

As we were mentally and physically tired we decided  shopping at Grafton Street and we ended up with a glorious waffle in our hands. No words, it was too good! 

Plans for the last night in Dublin? Take a cheap and tasty pizza at Temple Bar and find the best pub, let’s go!!

We walked so much that we don’t even remember where we ended up. After the first round of beers, we met a nice group of Irish guys and discovered us a disco-pub (if we can call it that way) where we finished the night dancing to the rhythm of ”I’ll be there for you” (YES, the theme from FRIENDS) quite random and amazing moment.

8 a.m. again, shoes on and sleep off. We were ready for the most exciting plan of the journey, you’ll see!

We walked and walked and walked through all Dublin, sawing all the churches and castles we found on the map. And finally we arrived to Phoenix Park.

As we started walking, we realised that the park was far more bigger than we expected, I will probably not exaggerate if I say that there were more than 5km of green and fresh grass. We felt like we were in a different village, far from the city and in the middle of the nature. 

And suddenly, they appeared: a herd of deers. You can imagine our faces when we saw them in front of us asking for food. We feed, touched and talked to them. You can’t imagine how cute those creatures look in reality. Though this big horns you had to be aware of, they are the most serene creature I’ve ever seen. 

My parents laughed at me for carrying 1kg of carrots in my backpack. But who laughs now?

So basically we spent all the morning feeding them, to the point that they followed us when we were leaving. After rolling down (literally) some fields, we decided to head back home. Or we thought so. We only had three hours to return to the hostel and take the bus to the airport. 

Walking and eating a sandwich, the idea of getting a tattoo came up to our minds. So thinking that it was impossible to find a place on a Sunday noon that will do it without an appointment, we found it. Yeah. Let’s call it karma, luck or destiny, but two hours before taking the plane, we were seeing an Irish/Brazilian guy drawing an small clover that will be ours… forever. 

Thirty minutes later we were leaving Wildcat with a tiny clover in our skin and running to our hostel to not miss our flight! The perfect ending for an epic, lucky and intense journey.

So we made it! We visited Ireland for 36 hours, without dying and this long list accomplished:

  1. Share room in a hostel.
  2. Drink Irish beer while listening to someone playing the guitar.
  3. Meet the friendly Irish people, which embraced us any place we went.
  4. See the cliffs and lay in the Irish fields.
  5. Exceed our diet with a glorious waffle.
  6. Dance to the rhythm of Friend’s song.
  7. Get a tattoo out of our country!
  8. Feed deers with our hands.
  9. Enjoy each other company so much!

Don’t forget that it doesn’t matter where or for how long you travel, if you choose a good company, every trip will be an outstanding adventure