Stories to tell our children (vol. 1)

Barcelona - Andorra. On a motorcycle. 

We began our journey with a huge breakfast at Àrea de Guisona, a little bit of shopping and beautiful sunset at Meritxell (Andorra) surrounded by tonnes of snow. 

We ended up the first day with a huge kebab and sleeping at a small hotel at Encamp.


The next day we woke up early and headed up to continue the adventure. First stop? My favourite place (at this moment) in Andorra: Pas de la Casa.

As we drove, the motorbike thermometer started to go lower and lower: -5ºC, -11ºC, a pit stop to fill the tank, -15ºC, Pas de la Casa. 

I can't describe with words what this place made us feel at this moment. The silence, the vast white, realizing how small we were. We barely stopped for ten minutes, the day was clear and there was no wind, but we didn't feel our hands and faces at all after half an hour on top of the motorbike. A sensation that always makes us feel alive. 

2018-02-18 04.04.10 1.jpg

We continued the road to France, heading to the plan that my partner in crime prepared: Dorres and its Roman baths. Warm water and beautiful snowy views to recover after a freezing morning. Such a beautiful place to admire the nature and relax.

2018-02-18 04.04.24 1.jpg

As a local woman said to us that a snowstorm was coming these evening, we head back home. Or we thought so.  We stopped at Puigcerdà to lunch and when we left the restaurant that's what we found: 


And also this...

2018-02-18 04.04.23 1.jpg

Our first attempt was to cross La Molina as it was our usual route, but some people that stopped to help us with the motorbike, told us that the weather was getting worse and worse, that was better to head back. 

By this time, our thoughts were divided. We were so scared, everything turns dangerous with ice on the roads; but at the same time, our minds were blowing, we felt like in a movie, alone into the wilderness as if time had stopped suddenly. 

We began to descend the mountain walking next to the motorbike, tired and nervous, hoping to arrive at the plain floor soon. 

2018-02-18 04.04.11 1.jpg
2018-02-18 04.04.26 1.jpg

We thought that the situation at the Cadi's tunnels it would be better, but it was so windy and we hadn't visibility due to that. We didn't breath calm until we reach the first service area.

We ended the adventure with a hot drink and wishing we would not get another snowstorm in a looong long time.

You will find more images from that adventure at "The Pyrenees". Thank you for reading!